And what is Enigma? It was my first 3d game back in the day. 🙂

Your mission is to collect all fruits (and other goodies) from the scene and to avoid enemies at the same time. The "scene" is an 10x10x10 area constructed from different cubes. The cubes are floating in air, surrounded by strange atmospheres. You jump from a cube to cube and try to stay healthy during this…er.."jumping session"..


Download Enigma v1.51 (3.4 MB, Windows only)
Download five additional episodes (47 KB)

The episode pack contains five ZIP-files, you need to unzip each of them to the Enigma Episodes-folder. The episodes are contributed by RVI, Sampo Vesanen, David Young and myself.


Enigma screenshot 1Enigma screenshot 2Enigma screenshot 3