About Me

Yours truly (2013)

My name is Mika, and I was born in 1985. I am happily married to my wife Annemari, and we have three lovely daughters: Nella (born in 2010), Nea (2013) and Veera (2015). My day job is developing educational games for children in the GraphoLearn - project, and I'm also running my own business (MHGames) of making games for mobile devices (Android and iOS at the moment).

I have a BSc degree from University of Jyväskylä. My studies for a Master's degree are currently on hiatus. Perhaps to be finished some day. 🙂

The best way to contact me is to use e-mail: do not call me or contact me through Facebook, please. My contact e-mail is my first name (should be visible above), DOT, my last name AT gmail DOT com. You can also follow me on Twitter: @mhgames_

Apart from (game) programming, my other hobbies could be defined as:

  • Movies, collecting DVDs + Blu-rays (Kubrick, Scorsese, Tarantino, Cronenberg + all kinds of horror stuff)
  • Music (metal, rock, progressive stuff, playing guitar — rarely)
  • Games (mostly on PlayStation these days)
  • Photography

* * *

Why I started with game programming in the first place? Good question.

I began playing around with QuickBasic back in late 1996, and did a lot of horrible software (and "games") with it. Then I went through Visual Basic to C and C++ by 1999. After that I've managed to finish a few projects, that (at least partly) deserve to be called "games". I've mostly used C#, C++ and Java, but occasionally dabbled in Python, PHP, Objective-C and Perl. Lately it's been C#, TypeScript and JavaScript.

In any case, I've always been more interested in making games than playing them. And when I'm playing something, I'm always wondering: "How did they do that?"

And that's it, I guess. 🙂