Jewels 2

Unfortunately, Jewels 2 is no longer available on the App Store. Additionally, no support is provided for any version of the game. Thank you for understanding!

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Jewels 2 is the greatly improved sequel to my popular match-3 puzzle game Jewels (a.k.a. iJewels on iOS). If you liked the original Jewels, you're going to love Jewels 2! It is highly polished and addicting fun for the whole family!

Dive right in and download the game for your Android or iOS device (the buttons above)! And take a look below for a couple of pictures and the shining features list further down. 🙂

Jewels 2 is ad-supported with the option of removing the ads with an In-App Purchase. Don't you hate when an ad interrupts your game? I do. Therefore, unlike several other games, Jewels 2 has ads only in the menus, not in-game. 🙂


Jewels 2 running on Nexus 4 Jewels 2 running on Nexus 7

(Lots of more screenshots in the actual store pages!)


Jewels 2 for Android Jewels 2 for iOS

Jewels 2 features:

  • Smooth and polished game play experience (works on wide variety of devices, both old and new!) (*)
  • Colorful, beautiful graphics
  • Several ways to play across four different game types and modifiers. The game types are:
    • CLASSIC: Basic game play without special jewels.
    • FROZEN: Some jewels are frozen in place and cannot be moved until the ice has been broken.
    • SUPER-CHARGED: Create special charged jewels that explode, by matching four or five jewels.
    • COLLECT: Collect an increasing amount of each jewel color per level.

    And the game modes are:

    • NORMAL: Game ends when there are no more moves. No time limit.
    • TIMED: Reach the next level before the time runs out. Timer is reset after each level.
    • QUICK: You have only 75 seconds to get as much points as possible.
    • INFINITE: Want to just relax without worrying about game over? INFINITE mode has got you covered. Endless game play, no stress.

    Got stuck with no moves? Ran out of time? No problem, there are special Shuffle Gems and Time Refills to help you out in these situations. You earn these items by playing, or you can purchase them.

  • Calm and soothing soundtrack, including more intensive tracks for the TIMED games (headphones recommended 🙂
  • Local player profiles with high scores and statistics — Perfect for competing against other members of your family
  • Easily sync your saved games and profiles to the cloud, across multiple devices and platforms (powered by Google Play Games)
  • Compete with your friends and players around the world:
    • Game Center support on iOS devices
    • Cross-platform leaderboards and achievements (powered by Google Play Games)
  • Facebook and Twitter score sharing

*) On lower-end devices it may be helpful to turn off the "Water Effects" from Jewels 2 Settings-menu. You can also try 16-bit colors (see the Advanced Settings-menu ingame). Also, for fill-rate limited iOS devices, such as iPhone 4 and the original iPad, running in a reduced screen resolution (again in the Advanced Settings-menu) can help a lot.