Some Android Jewels statistics

Jewels for AndroidIt's been a while since I first released the Jewels on the Android Market. I suppose it is a good time to look up some statistics, so here you go! 🙂

Number of installs total: 1,225,864
Number of active installs: 971,566 (79% of total)
Times played daily: Well over 1.2 1.3 million
Ratings: Rated 17,738 times (4.5 / 5 stars average)

So it's been a blast, I still cannot understand why it's been so successfull. Ok, mostly because it's Bejeweled, but there are loads of other B-clones on the Android Market, so that doesn't explain it entirely. I guess there just was a (big) niche for a free & polished B-game. 😛

Although some people have complained about the addition of ads — which are only in the main menu and not some distracting blinking colorful banners either, I need to clarify — turned out it really was the best thing to do. I'm not allowed to share any numbers, but it's been waaay over my lowly expectations.. 😉

I'd like to express my gratitude and thanks to all those numerous active players, and of course to the good folk at Google AdSense for making this possible! I had never anticipated it, but turned out that ad supported apps and games are indeed a viable business model. 🙂

…and still it's only the second most popular free game on the Market; I cannot beat that bloody Solitaire for the life of me! 😉