iPhone 4 testers wanted

Do you have a brand new iPhone 4? I'm looking for a couple of people to help testing Jewels for iPhone on the actual iPhone 4 device. I have been working on to make sure that Jewels works also in the iPhone 4 resolution (and yes, I have crisp, pixel perfect high resolution graphics included, as well! 😉) and while I can test in the simulator just fine, I'm interested in how the game performs on the real device. I think it should run about 50-60 fps (hopefully the max), but it is possible that the high res graphics bring it down, which means more optimizing work for myself.. 😛

Unfortunately, I think the testers will need to be in the iPhone Developer Program to be able to install the game on their devices. (Correct me if I'm wrong!) But it doesn't hurt to ask, right? So, any iPhone devs willing to test it for me? Drop me a comment if you're interested. If not, I could try to find people on some dev forums. I do have my own iPhone 4 ordered as well, but I'm unsure if I get it before the game is finished.. 🙂

UPDATE: I did get my own phone, so there is no need for this anymore. 🙂 It worked quite well, I had to optimize text rendering though. Now it works pretty much 60 fps all the time. The optimizations also benefit older devices (except 3GS, which was running at 60 fps already) so it was time well spent. 🙂