The final post about Jewels (no promises!)…

A few weeks ago I finished the biggest update for Jewels yet (and most probably the final big update), with some often requested features. The most important of them is of course the Global High Scores (or leaderboards), courtesy of the Scoreloop service. This has been well received among the players, and there are some insanely good scores on the boards already — in fact it didn't take but a few days for the first killer scores to appear. :D

I'm proud to say that my own top score for the Normal playmode is currently on the quite respectable ranking of 70141.. :P I did a bit better in the Timed game, ranking at 8167 at the moment. ;) So yeah, there are some good scores about. On the Finland list I'm at rankings 41 and 11 respectively, yay!

I also completely redid the old and ugly Android-menus for something that works (and looks) a bit better, plus made some long overdue fixes here and there, but I guess I should've blogged about the release earlier; these other changes are not that interesting.. :)

Also, this seems like a good opportunity to announce that there probably won't be any bigger updates for Jewels later, I will do some bug fixes and like but nothing major, I think. I need to focus on other things, and due to a rather big personal event (of which I'll post about a bit later) I need to priorize my time better. Nevertheless, I want to thank all the players, especially those numerous people that play the game regularly and keep it prospering on the Android Market! So thank you! :)