This brand new site goes live!

See anything different? ;)

Ok, so I finally got around getting a proper hosting and a domain for my MHGames site, and here we are, at the sparkling new! Yay! :D I actually wanted .net-domain, but alas it was already taken (like was .com, .org was my third choice).. :( Oh well. :P

So what's new? Here is a list of things I've been doing the past 1,5 weeks:

  • I chose to use WordPress, with the intention of combining my existing site with my separate blog. This worked out nicely, I was able to import all my blog postings from Blogger without too much hassle! Great work WP-team. :) I can highly recommend WP for any blogging purposes, and even beyond that.
  • I did a custom theme for this site, basically from scratch. Had some difficulties making it scalable, but it works. I've tested it in Firefox 3.5, Chrome, IE 7 & 8, Safari, Konqueror and the latest Opera. All of those worked fine, phew. :) The theme is valid XHTML and CSS, so I can always blame the browser if something doesn't work! ;) Needless to say, I'm happy with the results on how this theme turned out.
  • Finally I crafted the old MHGames-content over to this new site.

Now that this site contains both my development blog and my games, direct all your gaming needs to this address, so to speak. I will eventually get rid of the old site, so remember to update your bookmarks, if any!

That is all this time, enjoy the new site and do drop a comment on what you like or don't like. :) I hope to resume developing my game project now that this site is alive, stay tuned.